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Museum of Troy Just Opened

Towards the end of 2018 Troy Museum opened in Çanakkale. It is open everyday, yes, including Mondays and even its award winning building is worth the visit. No need to say that Troy is among the most well known ancient sites in the world. Between Assos and Troy is 60 kilometers, so you can drive from Assos to Troy in less than an hour. The museum of Troy is located next to the ancient site of Troia/Troy in Çanakkale. The museum exhibits findings from all on going excavations within the Troad region.

Archeaological, ancient sites in Canakkale, Troy and  Troad Region findings are exhibited in this museum
Museum of Troy, Troy Museum in Canakkale, Truva Müzesi, Çanakkale

You will be welcomed by pieces from Parion, Assos, Tenedos, Alexandria Troas, Apollon Smintheon on the ground floor. The upper floors are dedicated to the semi real ferry tales of Homeros, to scientific excavations carried out in Troia, to legendary hereos like Hector, Achilles, to bold pioneers like Schlieman, to lives dedicated to archeaology like Manfred Osman Korfmann and the payoff of their efforts. Outstanding fragments from Priam's Treasure are among the highlights.


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