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View from temple of Athena in Assos, Behramkale

Assos, Behramkale is an archaeologically protected village of the first degree; unlike Ephesus, Troy or Pergamon, human habitation has been present within the ancient village of Assos for centuries up until today. 


For booking Assos, you have two options: the ancient harbor or the ancient village. Both areas are under protection; meaning there are no new constructions allowed and any step you take on Assos ground is truly ancient.


A panoramic hilltop with a 360 degree view, abundant stone quarries and a natural harbor made Assos a great stop in the times when people used to live on trade and needed raw materials.

Excavations confirm that the earliest habitation on this land starts from Bronze Age and foundations of a city dates back to 7th century BC, laid by Greek colonists.

It is uncertain exactly who the pioneers were, but is likely they were colonists approaching from Mytiline. Ultimately, they created a settlement that has survived uninterrupted until this day.



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