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Visit to Antandros

Antandros, located at the foot of Mount Ida and just a 40-minute drive from Assos, is an ancient site with great historical importance. This city is a key link between the fall of Troy and the rise of Roman influence in the region. Antandros was established as early as the 10th century BCE and thrived through the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods before becoming an important Roman settlement.

The site is known for its well-preserved Roman villas, featuring beautiful mosaics and frescoes. These villas show the blend of Greek and Roman styles and the luxurious lifestyles of the people who lived there.

Antandros was strategically important for trade and military activities. It played a role during the Trojan War, and legends say it was where Aeneas and his followers regrouped after fleeing Troy, linking it to the founding myths of Rome.

Excavations led by Prof. Gürcan Polat continue to uncover the city’s rich history. Visiting Antandros offers a unique look at the connections between ancient Troy and the Roman Empire.

Nearby, you can also visit authentic villages like Papazlık Köyü and Tahtakuşlar. In Papazlık Köyü, the historic Abdullah Efendi Konağı adds to the cultural experience. Abdullah Efendi Konağı

Roman Villa Mosaic Antandros Turkey 2024
Antandros Roman Villa Mosaic Turkey 2024

The importance of Antandros in history: With the fall of Troy, Aeneas is designated to find and build a new home and continue the royal name of his family. Aaneas reaches Antandros where he builds ships and sails for his fated destination Italy. The myth says that his son is the founder of Alba Longa named to be the parent city of Rome and his descenders Romulus, Romus to be the founder of the Roman Empire. So the escape of Aeneas as a Trojan from the Greek invasion creates a bound for Romans to their roots. Most myths of Greeks and Romans are linked, Aeneas by his Trojan origin breaks that bound and give a Roman History a different color.


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