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A visit to Troy already in Istanbul. For those who ask '' Is Troy worth visiting? ''.

It is hard to immagine that Troy was once a seaport but it was a city to a great bay
Imaginary Troy

Museum of Archeaology in Istanbul offers an exclusive section for Troy not to be missed, also if you are travelling in Turkey with your toddlers or your elder kids it would still be fun.

From daily life scenes to architectural wonders, troy gallery will carry you to the legendary city's heyday. Archaeological methods used during the excavations are also exhibited and are particularly captivating. This section features reconstructions of excavation areas and videos that vividly demonstrate the science behind uncovering ancient treasures. Visitors can learn about scientific dating methods like carbon-14 and dendrochronology, gaining a deeper understanding of the meticulous work involved in unraveling the mysteries of the past.

Diving into the rich history of Troy, the museum allows you to visualize the site before your visit to Çanakkale. Serving as a gateway, the Istanbul Archaeology Museum immerses you in the captivating story of Troy. This experience enhances your appreciation and understanding, preparing you for your journey to explore the archaeological site of Troy and Troy museum in Çanakkale.

Don't miss the fascinating model of a stratigraphic section from Troy, which shows the layers of history beneath the city's surface. This model helps you understand the different historical periods and lives that once existed there. So when you walk around the ancient site of Troy, you'll have a clear idea of the centuries of history beneath your feet.

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